Elevate Your Event!
Shawnrey Is Your Emcee. 
She Can Increase Your Credibility, Engagement, and Sales!
  •  Your community is ready for you when you walk on stage.  Can you hear them chanting your name?
  •  Your tribe is engaged and "ON". No more "coffee break slump" or "after lunch crash"!
  •  Your group will be pumped up and ready for your message! 
  •  Your warmed up audience is more open to taking the next steps that you ask them to take!

Engages Movement: Release Tension, Social Engagement, Improved Learning
  •  Movement helps with learning, with social interaction, and with readiness to engage with content.
  •  Movement creates serotonin and oxytocin – improving how memories land in the brain.
  •  Movement releases the tension of sitting still for long periods of time.
  •  Movement increases the fun factor!  
Increases Social Interaction – Leading to Further Engagement and Credibility
  •  When your audience participates in exercises, movement and games with each other, they feel more connected to each other and are “in this” together. This leads to positive social peer pressure. They are more likely to do what you want them to do.
  • Social interaction releases the hormones of connection. 
Create an EVENT – not just a ‘conference’ or ‘workshop’ or ‘training’. 

Make your next event BIGGER than the usual experience...  
“Shawnrey has facilitated at several of my events. Each time my audience loved her! Warm-hearted and clear, she creates genuine connection with the audience and between audience members.” 
-Jessica Hadari, Founder of FEM Talks
What Tools Does Shawnrey Use?
Shawnrey will learn about your audience, your event and your desired outcome so that she can get your community ready for you when you walk on stage.

Below are some of the tools she will use: 
  •  Music
  •  Movement
  •  Social Exercises
  •  Voice
  •  Improv Games
  •  Empowerment Strategies
“This woman is such a source of inspiration! I was so impressed with Shawnrey…Not only does Shawnrey get the audience's energy up, the techniques she uses have a medicinal effect, and, she has a way of getting people out of their comfort zone and connecting with others quickly and in a fun way.” 
- Denise Darlene TLC, Transformational Love Coach

Shawnrey Notto – Professional model, dancer, singer performer, certified yoga instructor and empowerment coach – your perfect MC!

Also known as the "Joy Bringer", Shawnrey brings life to every event, lights up any event with her magnetic and vivacious presence. 

Whether it is for a corporate gathering or a sales conference, Shawnrey brings 15+ years of theater, dance, performance art, and facilitation to make events engaging and fun. 

Since 2002, she has been dancing, acting, choreographing nationally and internationally, performing for Madonna and Justin Timberlake, America's Got Talent, and music videos. 

2014 took her to the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, where she has lead leadership and communications workshops for bank employees and directors of national nonprofits.
“Shawnrey is amazing! Not only did she teach us the most exquisite and artful dance, she led us in a song that she had just written. Call and response. It was empowering, heartfelt and beyond memorable.” 
- Lisa Ruff, Founder/CEO/Owner at Sparked 
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